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Why Train One of Your Team as a Chief Fire Warden?

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While standard fire warden training is enough for some businesses, others also sign people up for chief fire warden courses. These courses extend basic fire warden training by adding planning, management and more complex scenarios to the mix.

When is it a good idea to take fire warden training a step further?

You Have a Large Warden Team

Small businesses often don't need comprehensive fire warden training. You may only need one warden in an emergency, so you'll have trained a couple of people so that one of them is on site at all times to cover holiday and illness absences. The same goes if your office is in a managed building. The building's manager may have a chief fire warden of their own who will work with individual wardens in an emergency.

However, if you're a larger business or in your own building, then you may have a large team of people with fire warden training. You may work on a floor warden basis with someone who can do this job on every floor of the building. In an emergency, every fire warden can do their job; however, they won't necessarily communicate with each other. They'll work independently.

In a serious fire, your wardens may not communicate. They could do different things. A warden on one floor may not know what is happening in another area. This could prevent them from evacuating the floor safely and effectively. If you train up chief fire wardens, then you have someone on the spot who can control the team and their actions. This increases response speed, efficiency and safety.

You Don't Have an Emergency Plan

If you work in a small building, then managing an emergency is easier. For example, you can get your staff out of a few exits quickly and efficiently. However, if you're in a larger multi-storey building, then emergency planning becomes more complicated. You probably don't have the skills to create a response plan that covers every emergency.

This isn't your area of expertise.

If you send someone on chief fire warden training, then they learn these skills. They can help you draw up effective emergency plans and controls. They can then ensure that all your fire wardens understand the plans and can implement them. If you think your business needs a chief fire warden, talk to training companies. They can tell you more about the benefits of enhancing your emergency planning skills.

You can also check out a website like today to learn more.